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Food, Plants, and the Land

Hi, I’m Jess.


I’m a culinary creator, cookbook author, modern homesteader, and functional herbalist and this is my Culinary Farmstead. 

My passion was born from a love of food, plants, and the land, and raised on a farm where it all began.


At Culinary Farmstead, you'll find a diverse range of cooking, preserving, and plant medicine classes, from basic skills and certificate programs to regional cuisine dinner parties and farm experiences. Whether you're a seasoned cook or homesteader or just starting out, I truly hope my obsession with cooking, plants, and living a life closer to the land will ignite your own.


I blend my passion with the cuisines and apothecaries of my ancestors, who span from Sicily, France, and the Middle East to Germany, Montreal, New England, and even right here in North Carolina where I now live. Getting to live so close to where some of my ancestors lived on this regenerative farmstead in Western North Carolina is  where I get to add a unique southern flair. 


I’ve been a functional herbalist for over 20 years having worked with pioneers like Michael Tierra, Rosemary Gladstar, the late Michael Moore, Susun Weed, and many other herbal mentors and teachers. I love to incorporate medicinal herbs into my dishes and home to bring an extra layer of health and wellness. My hope is that I will inspire you to explore all aspects of food, plants, flavors, and medicinal properties to deepen your connection with what you make. 


Join me on this exciting journey, and discover how cooking, homesteading, and medicinal plants can come together to create truly unique and memorable culinary experiences.

All the best and more, 



horses in front paddock.jpeg

Our regenerative farm, Mustang Creek, is located in Western North Carolina and specializes in farmtisanal products produced locally, sustainably, and ethically, as well as curated hard-to-find or rare specialty items. 

Classes and Experiences are held on location at our 33 acre farmstead. Dinner parties can be scheduled in a variety of locations from your vacation rental or home kitchen to a larger venue. 

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