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Pre-Order "Benedict Devotion: Eggs, Hollandaise, and the Holy Grail of Brunch"


Benedict Devotion is a cookbook encompassing all things Eggs Benedict, from the history and traditional recipes to long held family recipes and new creations. Eggs Benedict has become a love of foodies far and wide sparking hours-long road-trips in search of the quintessential dish.


Jess’ love for Eggs Benedict was hatched at an early age in her mother’s kitchen. Her mother, a fantastic cook, would make Eggs Florentine on special Sundays after church. From this experience, a new church was born and Eggs Benedict became an obsession. Fast forward many years of devotion and cooking, Jess’ intense love for this dish spurred the hunt for the best Eggs Benedict she could find and a passion to create her own mouth pleasing & soul quenching recipes. She’s known for traveling far (very far) in search of the quintessential Eggs Benny and texting with her sister (who is also a Benny enthusiast of the highest caliber) about Eggs Benedict at all ours of the night. She’s now known for pushing the envelope and creating her own spectacular versions.

Benedict Devotion: Eggs, Hollandaise, and the Holy Grail of Brunch packs recipes, photos, and stories from some of the best-loved restaurants and Jess’ own kitchen in Western North Carolina. 

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