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Want to dig a little deeper for your restaurant or catering business? Join Jess for the world's only Pasta Chef Certification course or become a certified Pasta & Prosecco™ pasta party host.

Cooking Class
Pasta & Prosecco™ Host Certification

Want to host your own Pasta & Prosecco™ pasta parties in your area? Join me for the official certification course where we'll cover: 

  • Party basics & flow

  • Fool-proof recipes & how-to

  • Prepping for your party or event

  • Marketing your party or event


  • How to incorporate colors & local flair

  • How to approach local venues & businesses

Online: Live & Self-Paced options

Cost: $397 & VIP licensing membership fee

Next Cohort: Aug 2023

Homemade Pasta
Certified Pasta Chef

Are you a professional chef or food maker who wants to specialize in pasta? Then this Masterclass certification course is perfect for you. Learn everything you need to know to become a Certified Pasta Chef in this 10-week deep-dive course where we'll cover the following and more:

  • Master dough recipes including gluten free

  • Pasta variations & flavoring

  • Master sauces & pasta pairings

  • History and shapes from each region in Italy and around the world

  • Running a pasta business from costing & food laws to creating a niche restaurant role

Online: Live Modules with an optional in-person internship

Cost: $1997 

Spring 2023 is full; next cohort starts Sept 2023

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